December 18, 2010

My own brick - real one

Today I received small, but quite heavy package. I was wondering what I ordered for Christmas only to find a brick from Savageman Triathlon I did few months ago. It is a nice addition to my collection of trophies and definitely one that is the heaviest.
If you have not heard about Savageman - look it up on the web or look at my posts about the race on this site. Since I'm posting from my phone I can not easily link them. It is a great race and I'm pretty sure I'll be doing it again in 2011.

Location:Susan Rd,Coopersburg,United States

December 12, 2010

Firstbeat Athlete discount from Suunto and Great pricing on Timex Global Trainer on Amazon

FistrbeatAthlete discounted

I just received Suunto newsletter where they advertise offer of discounted FirstBeat Athlete. Based on discussion on Suunto Forums there is no validation whether you own the Suunto T6c watch so even people with RS800cx / RS800 / CS600 / CS600x should be able to take advantage of this offer (well anyone really). Here are the details. The pricing is pretty good - 20 bucks discount (both EUR and USD pricing) over regular pricing. The catch is that you need to access the web store through Suunto's site where it says - 'Suunto t6 users can now buy FBA ATHLETE at a special discount price of €49.90 (normally €69.90) or $49.90 (normally $69.90).'

Pull off your training shoes, switch on your PC
Firstbeat ATHLETE software puts a host of detailed training analysis tools at your fingertips on your own PC.

It complements by offering advanced training planning and analysis tools for offline use. The software, available in seven languages, includes a full physiological analysis and a Training Coach feature for optimizing your future sessions.

And if you're a Suunto t6 user, you can now buy ATHLETE at a special discount price. Learn more about Firstbeat ATHLETE

Timex Global Trainer sub-200 bucks on Amazon

If you are in market for GPS watch you may find the pricing on the Timex Global Trainer Speed and Distance GPS Watch on Amazon pretty compelling. It is at 169 as of this morning for HR-less version - it was as low as 120 bucks yesterday. And the Timex Global Trainer Speed and Distance with Heart Rate GPS Watch goes for little over 200 buck - still a bargain. Great price considering that these babies sell for 300 bucks otherwise.

My only reason for not using this watch more at this time is Timex's decision not to support foot pod which is a real bummer for us who have to run on treadmill - PT prescribed way to recovery. Hey I can run which is amazing and run without pain which is even better. But if you do majority of training outside this may interest you. I used this unit during 2010 in few half iron races and it is a solid performer on par with Garmin FR310xt. And it looks better in my opinion.

UPDATE: The Global trainer has 50 bucks promotion on top of the discounts so you can actually get one for 120 bucks w/o HR monitor or for 155 with HR monitor. That is a steal. By the way Amazon applies the discount when you order, no need to mail in the MIR that is linked in the comments. Thanks James for pointing it out. I actually bought one myself today. For 120 bucks this is an amazing unit even without support for foot pod.