September 23, 2007

Short report Patriot's Triathlon Bath PA - 3rd in AG

Nice day, started little on the cold side, but it got warm by the time we were getting to start the race. Swim was 650m on the perimeter of the lake - nice visibility, pretty good crowd, some pushing, kicking and bumping, but nothing major. Swim was good I got through it in 12 or 13 minutes - still waiting for the official race splits; transition to bike was little slow I was slow to get out of my wet suit and suit up for the bike. Then I hammered on the bike - I left all worries about lactate at home and just kept pushing as much as I could. Only one person passed me on the bike, but I kept passing a lot of people - all women started the swim about 8 minutes ahead of my age group. The bike was over before I could get one gel in and drink a bottle of water - I got the gel in just in case because I did not get my PowerBar before the race. I almost wiped out on the bike when I did not pay attention and ended up riding the grass when I was doing 30mph - pretty scary, but I somehow managed to get back on the road without even slowing down. Transition to run was fast and the run was OK in the first half (1.5 mi) then my ankle started to bother me. I messed it up pretty badly this Tuesday when I stepped off of the treadmill while it was still running. So the second half I had to slow down a bit and 2 people passed me, luckily no one from my age group - I like the body markings. It is nice to see who is passing you and if you need to worry about it. I finished strong, but the ankle was telling me to stop and take it easy so I did - no cool down jog, just walking around.

I finished in 1h 19minutes which gave me 25th place out of some 160 people and on top of that I got third place in my age group. Not a bad for race with messed-up ankle. I'll take it as a great close of the tri season. Now I'm back to running mode with some cross training on the bike. I will need to see a doctor later next week to get the ankle checked if it does not stop hurting. It was fine yesterday, but I guess it does not like any speed work.

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