September 5, 2007

Time T minus 3 days

I'm quite surprised how calm I am over the past few days. That is pretty unusual for me during the race week. I guess it may have something to do with being on extended holiday weekend augmented with one day vacation. My training load has gone down significantly and this week is a peaking week so I did only short efforts under 45 minutes each. Saving the energy for the race and building the glycogen stores that will be greatly needed on Saturday. The less I train the more time I have to enjoy with my family which is really great. After this race I'm going to switch to lighter weeks as I'll be training for 5k PR that I want to get to right around Thanksgiving.

So there is one more brick ahead of me - well not really a big one - 20 minutes bike and 10 minutes run to keep the body moving and then I'm off to a long race. The race day is quite different from other races - this one hands out the packets on race day at 7 am and the swim start is at 9 am. That is quite late so we will enjoy the sun for quite long time on both the bike and the run.

Time to print out the pre-race checklist, start packing and do few more T1 practices. I'm trying to cut down my time in T1, but I'm unlikely to get it down much for this race as I'll definitely not skip the socks and if possible I'll use the wet suit.

Good luck everybody racing this weekend.

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Who is SLB+? said...

Good luck Jan, I'll be thinking of you, you've trained smart and hard and I am sure your results will reflect that, plus you've got a really pointy go-fast hat that'll help ;-)