January 2, 2012

Old new inspiration for 2012


Call me geek, but for some reason I felt that the best motivation to get back to regular training will be with new watch. And not just any new watch, but the one that helped me train for many successful races - RS800cx.

For variety of reasons I could not get consistency in training last year - well the main reasons were abnormal amount of travel (its never good sign when the stewardess know your name) and of course 4 months long injury with additional 2 months recovery period which pretty much destroyed my tri season 2011.

I felt that I need to get some outside help with motivation to get out of bed early morning each day and get the workouts done. I think this new watch I got from my wife for Christmas will help me do just that. After all this is the year of aging up to the most competitive age group under the sun. And it is not 35-39.

Have a great 2012 everybody.