January 3, 2010

First Night 5k Bethlehem PA

I first though that my last run was the Christmas City Classic 5 miles, but there was another local race - the First Night 5k I decided to jump into. Mostly because pretty good number of endurance multisport club were racing. So I took it as opportunity to see few friends before the year is over. The race is a 5k loop in Bethlehem that starts at the ice skate center in downtown and loops over the river, to Main street, down to the river, over to Sand Island for little loop and then back over the bridge to the ice skate center. Fun part about the race was that we got about 2 inches of fresh snow that morning and while it turned into slushy paddles in most areas there were spots where it was still snow that was quite slippery especially in my Newtons.

This was second run race I ran mostly by feel and looked at my watch only I think two or three times in the entire race. I ran at the pace that felt hard enough for 5k, but paid attention on the snowy patches and slowed down to almost walk as the grip in Newtons is virtually non-existent. Still I felt like I put pretty good effort and deserved all the goodness we had later in the day - all the good meats, wine and cookies.

Below is picture of the endurance multisport crew that ran the race - Jes finished second overall and Andrew has shiny new PR and he ran the race in jeans (did not plan on running it, but changed his mind at the last minute). So with this picture I wish all my club peeps great 2010 season.

First Night 5k Bethlehem enmu crew


Jon said...

Jan, I have a question for you re: training software you are using. I have been following your blog for a while now and notice you have the Polar RS800cx, which I also own. I upload in Polar's ProTrainer and then I am currently looking at the EPOC data in a trial period of FirstBeat Athlete. Before I invest in Firstbeat, I am curious if you have found a better was to analzye your Polar data? Thanks for any info. Jon

kxux said...


I do use FBA to calculate the EPOC/TE, but it is more because I'm curious. My primary toolset for managing my training log is a combo of WKO+ and TrainingPeaks.com. I do have over 2 seasons of data in WKO+ and the software is really good for long term trend analysis. I like the stats it gives me. But if you need just single workout analysis and reporting PPT5 should do just fine. It is a good software and worked well for me until I gradually migrated to WKO+.

While the R-R analysis is interesting I lean more towards the TSS model implemented in WKO+ that seem to work well for me.

Jon said...

Thanks for the feedback. Keep up the great work on the blog!