June 14, 2010

Hello new friend

I admit being a HRM geek and as such I tend to test all new watches in the market. I found this unit in REI close to my home while I was there to pickup my new shoes. So far the unit is great - little large, but it is a watch with built in GPS, HRM capabilities, basic navigation, ANT+ compatibility and amazing way to configure.

I have played with it on the weekend and while the unit is not 100% there with functions I need it is very promising since Timex can update firmware just as Garmin units do. Plus this can actually be worn as a watch during the day which is what I really like.

Ray did a first look few days ago on

his blog and it is a very good read.

I would recomemd the unit to anyone who likes to try new things and likes to tinker with gadgets. I think Timex is few firmware updates away from having very solid unit for triathletes. On top of my list of missing features is footpod support for indoor running and upload of courses. If those are added I can thin out my HRM collection quite a bit.

June 11, 2010

One from the road

With so much talk about security at the airport one thing puzzles me - how can the vendors sell manicure sets from stainless steel in the gate area. The following pictures were taken during my recent trip to Germany. The store is behind the security checkpoint where you nearly need to strip down. Pretty puzzling.

June 5, 2010

Fixing it up

Just dropped off my bike at the bike shop for some love and fixes. Everything looks fine except the right brake lever that is shot. Considering the speed and length of the slide bike is in great condition.

Location:Hamilton Blvd,Upper Macungie,United States