June 5, 2010

Fixing it up

Just dropped off my bike at the bike shop for some love and fixes. Everything looks fine except the right brake lever that is shot. Considering the speed and length of the slide bike is in great condition.

Location:Hamilton Blvd,Upper Macungie,United States


Stuart said...

Hi Jan I still have my eye on this bike, now you've had it for a while what are your thoughts?

kxux said...

What can I tell you. I had the bike for a while and when I can I ride on it instead the TT bike. Last time I rode longer on my TT bike was in July during the race and since then I was riding this bike. It is amazing - like a rocket.

The only thing that bothered me on it is that the front fork is very soft (compared to what I'm used to). So I need to pay attention to my climbing form.

By the way the frame is obviously durable since it survived unscratched the crash I had earlier in the season.