January 5, 2008

Garmin to release a new watch

Forerunner 405 blackGarmin announced that they will release a new running watch in their Forerunner line. The Forerunner 405 which very much resembles the Forerunner 50 and delivers GPS technology not available in the 50. The watch will be available late in Q1 2008 - should be just around the time for the half marathon that is sponsored by Garmin. So I hope to be able to check it out at the expo. If you are interested to learn more details you can check out the Garmin site or Garmin blogs. The Garmin blogs post has a short demo of the watch. It looks quite nice and very small compared to Forerunner 205 or 305. If you are heading over to Vegas for CES make sure to stop by Garmin and check out the watch (along with some nice new GPS units for hiking and cars.


Database Diva said...

The watch looks really nice. I ordered a 305 through the award program at work in December. I'm still waiting for it to arrive. I have more points, so if they add the 405 to the catalog, I think I'll get it, too. I'm anxious to the 305 so I can compare the distance of my usual routes with the distance measured by Nike+.

kxux said...

Yeah the 405 looks nice and compact. I'm going to stick with Polar for now, but may consider the 405 as a backup watch. It does not have R-R intervals recording and that is a major setback. I guess I may look at the Suunto line-up for the backup watch. Or maybe, just maybe I will stay with the same watches as I have now :-). That way I can save some money for the race fees. The Philly tri is getting prohibitive expensive - 150 USD for OLY triathlon is ridiculous.