April 27, 2008

Few pictures from the race finish

My lovely wife took some great pictures of the last stages of the race. I have mentioned that on the way up to the stadium I had few people pass me. These images show how I re-passed them on the last 3/4 of a track before the finish. I really wanted to get the 1:38:00 and without the final sprint I would not have it. So here you go. Enjoy.

Last lap after 13 miles - passing first person

Getting ready to pass the big group

I'm the little yellow hat behind the group

Chasing the last person that passed me up-hill to the stadium

Eventually I chased him down

Finish - few seconds to spare to 1:38

1 comment:

SLB said...

Great action shots and a nice PR to boot!

Can I borrow your wife to stand at some of my finish lines ;-)