August 7, 2008

Polar RS800cx at Outdoor Retailer Trade Show

I guess rumors about Polar RS800cx are turning to be true. I did some random searching today and came across the site for Outdoor Retailer Trade Show where Polar will showcase the RS800cx Training System (as they call it). You will need to scroll down their page to see the description or if you are lazy to click, here is a copy of the text from the show catalogue:

The new Polar RS800CX Training Management System- now with GPS route tracking and multisensor compatibility- is the most advanced and flexible training tool for the multisport market. The RS800CX is essential for multi-discipline and endurance athletes looking for an accurate way to measure, plan, monitor and analyze their training. In addition to speed and distance, the RS800CX records positioning information with the G3 GPS sensor(tm) and enables users to download route information into the included ProTrainer 5 Software(tm). Route information can also be easily exported to Google Earth mapping software. The sleek, lightweight RS800CX wrist unit is compatible with the range of Polar W.I.N.D. sensors, including the s3 Stride Sensor(tm) and CS Cadence and Speed Sensors(tm). The multisensor functionality allows users to combine different sport sessions into one training file for an enhanced training experience. Available Fall 2008.


I can't wait for this watch to hit the market. I'll most likely be the first one in the queue. Just like the Apple fans lining-up for the iPhone 3G ;-) (that one actually did not interest me as much as this watch - I know what you think...). So it is to be out in Fall 08 which technically starts in late September. That is just after my last triathlon this season. Just in time for the long runs for marathon training.


Mel Harbour said...

Probably worth having a look at: - seems to be showing the variants that they're going to release

kxux said...

Hi Mel,

thanks for the note. I found the page this morning as well and was just writing-up the text for another post. Quite an excitement I must admit.