December 9, 2008

No HR in your CS600 log? Resolution is here.

Several people in Polar forums reported issues with CS600 logs not showing any HR and RR data. It seems that there is a bug either in the transmission from the watch or in PPT5. I discovered that you will not any HR if you start the HRM before the HR shows on the CS600 display. Member BorutV confirmed that the logs staring with few zeroes are not displaying any HR in PPT5. In any case there is a workaround. Just follow these simple steps and you should get the log with HR and RR data without any issues:

  • Wear the HR belt
  • Press the red button once
  • Wait for the HRM to find and connect with the belt - basically until the HR appears on the display
  • Now you can press the red button again to start the exercise


mojakobsen said...


I understand you use the CS600 together with power - how good and accurate are the power function?


kxux said...

Hi Mogens,

the CS600 with power works well for me and I did not have any major issues with it. Besides the batteries being drained after long ride and needing often replacing. It is really good piece of equipment and fairly easy to install (compared to the previous version with S625X).

I did notice that the power reading improved between the S625X to CS600. The CS600 provides more consistent readings and I feel like it is pretty much spot on. Even if it was not totally accurate it is good enough accuracy for tracking progress.

And it definitely works to train with power. I was able to lift my threshold power this year by over 10% which is very good.