January 14, 2009

Swim breakthrough

Washing machine II

Just a short post about the progression of my swim training. Erica looked at my stroke last year in September and fixed few things I discussed in earlier post. Working on these swim stroke issues helped quite a bit. Well the fact that I was in the pool 3-4 times a week since September probably plays role as well.

The more I swim the more I'm understanding the term - 'getting feel for the water'. I can now actually feel when my hand does not move efficiently or when I tilt my head or kick in the wrong way. So things definitely improved. And I also have some stats to back this claim up.

We have done testing on approximately monthly basis. The test protocol is fairly easy. After warm-up I swim 300 yd during which I build up to a pace I think I can sustain for the whole set. Then take 20 seconds breather by the wall and do 3x100 yd with 15s rest followed by 300 yd. The total time from the start of the first 300 yd to the finish of the last 300 yd counts as the test time. Here are the test results of the past tests from October to just few days ago.

  • Oct 18th - 15:55
  • Nov 13th - 15:50
  • Jan 4th - 14:39

My 100 yd and 200 yd splits have been coming down consistently and I feel very fast in the water. Although only until there are two swim team members swimming in the next lane. Obviously doing an easy warm-up while I struggle to keep up with them. But I'll eventually get there. I met with Erica just before Christmas and she suggested few more things to work on. I'll get faster in the water. I'm sure of it.

By the way the bike and run training is moving in the right direction as well. Craig had me doing some serious bike and run tempo work on the weekends. I feel that this is going to make me fast this season. I can't wait for the first tri race which will actually be the Black Bear half ironman in late May.

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