February 20, 2009

Mac support for Garmin Forerunner 50 and 405 released

Yesterday I received announcement from Garmin that the Forerunner 50 and 405 are now supported on Mac. Little later during the day there was a post on Garmin Blogs that explains little more about the level of support in this first release. As you may suspect there are some limitations. The current version supports upload of the workout results to Garmin Connect site. But it does not yet support updates of firmware from the PC to the watch and does not allow uploads of courses from computer to the watch. So the Mac support is there, but compared to PC users the 405 owners with Mac will still lack some critical features. The Forerunner 50 users will be happy with this release as the 50 does not have firmware updates or courses. Here is copy of the official announcement I received earlier:

Forerunner® 405 is now Mac-compatible

If you're a Forerunner 405 owner with a Mac, you'll be glad to know they are now in sync and you can transfer your workout data from the 405 to your Mac. The data transfer happens automatically via the wireless USB ANT Stick™.

Before the USB ANT Stick can start talking to your Mac, you'll need to download new software. Visit our "getting started" pages for the Forerunner 405, which will step you through the process.

Once you've completed the setup, your workout data will automatically transfer to your Mac and to Garmin Connect. On this site, you can store, analyze and share workouts with a community of fitness enthusiasts.


kxux said...

Just a note to spammers - your comments will be removed and if you link to your store from this blog with some non-sense comment the same will happen. Your comment will not be on this blog for more than few hours.

Ted said...

I have Mac but seemed to have trouble with my Garmin since I am aware of this. I don't seemed to figure it out. I will try it again and see it for myself.

Michelle said...

Does anyone besides me have a problem uploading activity from their 405 to a Mac? I have had this 405 for 2 years and could never get it to upload on my first Mac (loads up fine on PC). Bought a brand new Mac desktop several months ago and I still cannot get it to upload w/ any consistency (maybe about 1 out of 15 tries). I'm so frustrated!!! Garmin support was not helpful, in the end they tell me I have to send it in ($$$) b/c something is wrong with unit (although unit will still upload anytime on a PC). On the upload, it always fails when "receiving tracks". Any ideas?

kxux said...

I can not comment on the 405 - sold mine long time ago. But perhaps good people at Garmin Forums can help. Try posting your question there.