September 14, 2010

Last ProAm race of the season in T-town

What a great night to close the ProAm racing season 2010 in T-town. Racers were on fire, the weather was great for racing and the fans were there - well the core of the fans that come on Tuesdays. The entry is free, beer is cheap and the atmosphere is great. It is much more laid back in the stands than on Friday's, but on the track it is as heated as ever. We came few minutes late so we probably missed one or two races, but the ones we saw were great - plenty of 'Devil takes the hindmost', some unknown distance races, 6 laps race in which winner is determined on 2nd lap, 2nd place on 4th lap and third on 6th lap (that one is pretty hard - if you decide to go for the win on 2nd lap and do not quite make it it is most likely over), and a 10 miler which was fun to watch. I took few pictures that you can see on Flickr. Just click on the picture below.

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