October 5, 2010

More pictures from Savageman

This one is only with pictures from the race with little bit of commentary. The pictures published so far are from the bike course and finish line - well areas that you are probably most interested in anyways.

Let's start with the Westernport wall - as I said in the race report I do not recall much about what was happening around me. I just focused on what I was doing and on avoiding any take downs by fellow racers. All photos seem to be from before pulling the handle bars. In any case if you think about this race invest in tripple ring or get easier gearing - at least 25 in the back and possibly compact crank in the front. I rode with 53 (36) x (11 - 26) I had 28 on the gearing, but was unable to use it as it is just too big to work with my derailer.

Westernport 2
Westernport 3
Westernport 1

The Westernport Wall continues with climb that is shown here - nothing you can call easier.

Above Westernport

Then you get little bit of a recovery before getting to the Big Savage where it is more climbing - no pictures from there yet.

Big Savage 1

Then it is a lot of descending - not really sure where these are from, but I can assure you that the descends were few and very short and fast.

Bike 4
Bike 3
Bike 2
Bike 1

And here is the first part of the Killer Miller - there is a lot of support on this climb as well - devils with forks and all just like on Westernport wall, only not as many people. I'm the one to the right just starting the climb.

Killer Miller

And finally the finish line - better photo than from my exclusive photographer ;-).


Few remarks about the course

  • Forget your great tri bike it is useless on those hills and there is only few segments of the road where tri bike is of any use. It is safer to get your road bike out since it handles better and is probably lighter (well mine is anyways).
  • Forget your TT specific helmet - it is easy to overheat on this course and there is nothing to be gained with tri-specific helmet since you either go 40mph for a minute or climb a hill at 10mph for next 20.
  • Get arm warmers - you will be happy you did at least until you get to Westernport. Then you will be glad to take them off.
  • I wrote about gearing above - definitely at least 25 in the back or triple chainring if you can.
  • Plan to spend little more time than usual on the bike course - it is hard one.
  • Remember that Westernport wall is just the beginning of long climbing journey. It really only gets harder from there.
  • First year I recommend to go for the brick and forget about the overall time. This is the slowest half I ever did and I still enjoyed most of it (except the bonking part).
  • Do not worry about walking parts of the run - most people do that even pros when they get to the edge.

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Stuart said...

Looks brutal but then the clue is in the name I guess!

Love the photo with el diablo!