July 25, 2007

One year anniversary

OK so today it is exactly 1 year since my first run. I already posted a long description of how I got here so today I'll just throw in some numbers and key statistics:

  • I'm 45 pounds (20 kg) lighter now
  • I have run over 1300 miles (approx. 2100 km)
  • I have run through 3 pairs of shoes (and I'm like mid way through on another two pairs)
  • I have covered over 800 miles (1300 km) on the bike since May
  • I have swam over 10mi (16km) since May
  • Went from jeans size 38/32 to 31/32
  • Went from shirt size XL to M
  • My wardrobe got significantly smaller as I have not yet replaced all the clothes - oh anyone interested in size 38 jeans?
  • Feeling great every day - even when I travel and sit through the meetings (well I get cranky during the taper before the races as I miss pounding my body for at least an hour every day)
  • I do not mind getting up at 4:30 to get my run, bike ride or swim in before I have to strart working (most of the days I can sleep in and get up at 5:30).
  • Here are the personal best that I achieved during the past year:

    • 5km - 22:35
    • 10km - 49:44
    • 10mi - 1:24:27 (not really a race I took it very easy as long run)
    • 13.1mi - 1:49:22

I'm really looking forward to keeping this up and improving my PRs and adding the triathlon PRs to this list later this year. Season is not over yet.

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