August 2, 2007

10 days to first big day - Steelman

It is just about 10 days to my first triathlon. This race is a practice race that I treat as a training, but I'm already getting excited about it. Just today I started putting together a list of things I need to take with me to the race. It is a big change from running - for running all you need is shoes, good running clothes, race number, water belt and some energy bars or gels and you are good to go even for the big long races. For triathlon it seems to be a little more things. Here is my list so far:

Overall for the race
- Polar watch
- HRM belt
- RoadID
- gallon of water
- towel
- transition mat
- ankle belt for time chip
- electrical tape
- black marker
- race numbers (bike / run)
- Powerbar bar 2x
- PowerBar recovery drink 1x
- triathlon membership card
- drivers license
- money
- credit card
- backpack for all the stuff
- post-race clothes - shirt, shorts, underwear, socks
- orange jacket for case of rain
- race instructions
- toilet paper
- 4x tissue
- transition stall marker - baloon?

- swimming cap
- wetsuit
- swim goggles
- spare swim goggles
- ear plugs
- trash bag for wetsuit and wet clothes

- bike (with 2x bottle, bento box, pump, spare tube, tools on the bike)
- bike shoes
- helmet
- sunglasses
- energy gels (2-3 for sprint & international, 7 for HIM)
- white socks
- water bottles for bike 2x - filled up
- large bike pump

- running shoes
- running hat
- fuel belt / water bottle - filed up
- energy gels (1-2 for sprint & international, 5 for HIM)
- running belt - put energy gels to the running belt

I'm sure there are things I will not need and maybe few things are missing. I hope nothing important is missing, if it is I better figure that out before the race.

So I have one more week of training, few bricks and I should be ready to race the international distance triathlon. It will be certainly a lot of fun and I'm looking forward to it. I do not shoot for any specific time. I really want to use the race to gain experience for the half iron race in September. There are few unknowns - swim for starters, I do not know how bad it will be swimming with many other people, transitions especially the first one is something that worries me a bit and I really did not do a complete set of swim, bike, run so I'm not sure how my body will take it. I think I can do this in under 2:45 and if I'm doing good I can get it done in 2:30. We shall see soon.

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