August 29, 2007

Nike+ sensor R.I.P

After little over a year of use the Nike+ sensor died on me. I logged some 1500 miles on it and took it with me to quite distant places. The sensor followed me on my races in the US, Argentina, Brazil, Germany, Czech Republic and Canada. It will be missed - well not for long as I just bought a new one as I can not stand not to log my long weekend runs of 12-14 miles. It is all about the bragging rights ;-).


Database Diva said...

I think 1500 miles might be a record for one sensor. I got 1250 from mine, but have heard that other people were on their third sensor before they got to 1000 miles. Maybe the original sensors were made better than the new ones. I guess we will find out soon. I hope you have as many fun and interesting runs with the new as you did with the original sensor.

kxux said...

Thanks Diva, I'm sure this one will last little longer as I do not run as much with all the biking and swimming. Although I'm going to shift to 5k training once I'm done with my half ironman next week and one more sprint before end of the tri season.