November 13, 2007

South Mountain road race

This past Sunday Dasa and I raced the South Mountain road race. Dasa did the 5k race that was on mostly rolling hills and I did the 10 miler which is legendary with the over 200m climb up to the top of the South Mountain in Bethlehem. We both did quite well - Dasa finished her race in little over 32 minutes and I was done in 1 hour and 21 minutes. That is fairly good considering that the race was on the hilly terrain. My calves hurt like hell for the past two days and feel almost as solid as after the half marathon in April. Dasa did not complain about any muscle pain. If you are in Lehigh Valley around this time next year and want to do some hard running come to run with us. I'm sure I'll do the next year as well. If you want to see the elevation profile with my mile splits check out the picture. The climb was brutal at times - 2.5 miles up the hill and then back. Very good workout.

Next race is planned for next week (after the Turkey Day) - we will be burning the bird calories during the traditional Bethlehem Turkey Trot on Saturday. I'm looking forward to that race and hope to be fully recovered for it. It is the last race this year I can use to break my 5k PR. Well I trained, although not fully due to the ankle sprain. We shall see if I can improve on the 22:21 PR from earlier this year. The weather should be good for running (certainly no humidity and heat). I'll update you here upon finishing the race.

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Who is SLB+? said...

Great altitude profile and a nice set of wonder you ache!