October 23, 2007

Hurray back to training

During the past few weeks I took it real easy. I even backed out of the 5k run and made it a 5k walk with a lot of chatting with my co-workers. I tried to stay active and indeed put a lot of time into exercise during the first week and did the only thing that doctor did not forbid me doing - walking. I logged quite a lot of miles on the treadmill and outside. I did that mainly to be able to keep eating the cake and cookies. My mother in law is in town and the temptation to eat the good stuff is just too great.

I eased into the biking and running last week and it worked quite well. On the weekend I did my first long slow run and finished it at 8 miles and walked the remaining 2 miles home. I did not want to stress the leg too much on the first long run and I somehow miscalculated the distance. On the way home I listened to Tri Talk podcast so it was a good finish of the run as I like this podcast very much. David Warden discussed the periodization basics and it helped me cope with the injury little better. In fact the injury was a blessing in the sky for me as I would otherwise have troubles taking time off of training. This way I was forced to take break and got the rest I needed - both physical and mental.

Today was my first day of regular training - Tuesday is the intervals day - and it was a good workout with 6x800m at 6:44 min/mi with 90 seconds rest interval. I was pretty well spent after the workout which is a great feeling. Tomorrow is easy spin and Thursday will be tempo run. I'm glad to be back and hope I can gain some speed for the 10mi and 5k races I have in November.

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Database Diva said...

Hi Jan, I'm glad to hear that your ankle has recovered and that you are able to train again. I've been trying to work on ankle stability by balancing on one foot. I also got a "wobble board". I haven't noticed much improvement yet.