May 28, 2009

Ian's first triathlon

This past weekend we had two races on our family schedule. I did not participate in any one of them besides spectating. First one was a 5k in our town where both Dasa and Ivana ran a good time even in fairly hot and humid day. The other one was the first triathlon Ian did in the Swim in Zone pool in Center Valley. The coaches at Swim in Zone put together a great event for kid ages 3 and up. The course was the same for all ages only the distances were little different. Ian's age group had to swim one full lap in the 25yd pool (and they were allowed to use flotation devices and have parents as support), then bike 1/8th of a mile on the road and then run 2 laps around the parking lot which I estimate was about 75 meters (or maybe 100m run). We got Ian's transition setup early and then headed to the pool where we prepared for change of clothes after the swim and then went to the pool to watch the other age groups race.

At around 1pm they were ready to start Ian's age group. We lined up, Ian got into the noodle and swam the whole lap while Dasa, Zuzana and Ethan cheered us from the side of the pool. After the swim we ran to the changing room to dress for the bike. Once Ian got dressed (I did not change for the run not to hold him back) we headed to his transition area, grabbed helmet, bike and off we went on one loop course on the bike. First half is downhill so it was easy and Ian cruised at pretty good speed. The second half he needed to push a little as it was uphill. Then we dropped off the bike and went on two loop run course around the parking lot. During the first lap Ian's friend Ethan joined us and ran with us the rest of the race. Ian wanted to beat everyone so he pushed real hard on first loop and was running out of energy before the final straightaway to the finish. But then he re-grouped and sprinted to the finish.

Great race. After the race and sip of water Ian wanted to go back to the bike course so we did it again to cool down :-). It was a great event and if they do another one in the future we will be sure to participate. Ian was talking about the race for next 2 days.

Setting up transition - we are ready

Relaxing before the start

Relaxing before the start

Getting ready for the swim start

Getting ready for the swim start

Off we go - whole 50 yd swim

Passing other swimmers

Going strong in a noodle

Rolling down the hill

Rolling down the hill

Keeping aero position on the uphill

Keep pushing the whole way to turnaround

Keep pushing the whole way to turnaround

Ethand and Zuzka are helping us on the uphill

Downhill to transition

And we are on 2 loops run

Pushing on the run

Pushing on the final stretch

To the finish line

Crossing the finish line

We are champions

Celebration with family and friends

Celebration with family and friends


Leah said...

Congrats to Ian! Nice job!

Jan, did you forget your sunscreen? :)

kxux said...

Thank Leah. Yeah I was testing a new race suit on Thursday before the race - the hottest day so far. I put sunscreen everywhere except the back - well I forgot and it cost me :-). Good thing though - I'll put plenty there on Sunday for the race ;-).

Jen's Journey said...

Yea Ian!! That is so cute! Thanks for sharing!