May 13, 2009

RS800cx Pro Team Edition hands on

I reported earlier that Polar is releasing new version of the RS800cx to the market geared towards cycling community. The RS800cx Pro Team Edition has identical functionality as the RS800cx model already released last year. The major changes are in the design of the watch and packaging.

Let's start with the design - while the standard RS800cx body is made from gray plastic with silver face and silver bars on the watch band the Pro Team Edition watch body is black with polished metal on the watch face and the bars on the band. It looks stunning and the look changes with changing light conditions which is great. At first I was not 100% sure I like it, but wearing it for last 24 hours changed my view. It is almost like having multiple watches on your wrist during the day.

The second change is in the packaging. The watch comes with the CS speed WIND and CS cadence WIND sensors, black version of the IR USB stick for data transfer, Polar Pro Trainer 5, watch band extension, USB cable extension and manuals.

The retail price is set at 449 USD, but you can get one with discount at the dealer I used and if you search a little you can find additional 5 or 10% discount that they will gladly accept. I was amazed how quickly the watch arrived - I placed the order on Monday at 4pm and the watch was at my door on Tuesday late afternoon. I did one bike ride with it so far and like it a lot - well I love the RS800cx to start with.

Here are few pictures of the box, watch itself and comparison of the original RS800cx and the new Pro Team Edition.

RS800cx Pro Team Edition box

RS800cx Pro Team Edition

RS800cx Pro Team Edition vs. RS800cx 2008 Edition

By the way if you are interested in slightly used RS800cx in absolutely mint condition with ZAGG screen protector on the face I have one for very reasonable price. Drop me a note on Twitter or in comments. I'm keeping the Pro Team Edition and do not really need two RS800cx.

Updated May 18th 2009


Anonymous said...

As always a great review. A couple of quick questions. :-)
1. Is the strap still the same kind of plastic feeling with bushed metal on top or something new?
2. Does it still have the vent on the bottom of watch (part that rests on your skin)? I think I'm in the minority, but that vent has a fin that rubs a raw spot on my wrist.


Stephan said...

What sort of very reasonable price do you have in mind?


kxux said...

Stephan ping me on my gmail account. The username is musiljan or tweet me @musiljan


kxux said...



#1 The strap is made from the same comfy plastic material. The feel is the same as the RS800cx in gray. Only it feels is tad stiffer, but not noticeable until you are trying to bend it.

#2 The design is identical to the RS800cx including the position of the vent on the bottom. Did you try contacting Polar and asking if they have the older bottom from the RS800. The first ones did not have the fins and may work for you. Not sure though if they still offer them.

Anonymous said...

Good idea I'll contact Polar to see if they have to old back. Thx for the idea.

Anonymous said...

Hi. You have had your RS800CX PTE for a while now and I wanted to ask your opinion was still the same. I have just ordered mine.

Anonymous said...

Dear All, I dont know if you can help but at this time I'm desparate. I have the RS800CXPTE for 2 month and I'm having problems with the wearlink, the other sensors work great, but the HR is almost imposible to read after 30 min, I trayed to change from the new strap to my ald L/R wearlink with the WIND sensor but, there are lot of bad HR reading too, I already change the battery too but it doesn't work. I suspect that the problem are the electrodes (I'm fit so, I'm not everweighted or other particular issue with my chest) I'm using polar from 1994 and this is the first time with this kind of problems. Do you have the same issues?
Thank you in advance.
Diego Prado from Argentina

kxux said...


not sure if I can help you with this - I do not experience HR drop out or problems. Mine works without an issue. The only time I had some R-R drop-outs was when the battery in the WearLink belt was getting weak. New battery resolved the issue.

Did you try to contact local Polar service in your country. Your watch is still under warranty and Polar stands behind their products. I'm sure they will be able to help you.

kxux said...

Anonymous - yeah I still like the RS800cx PTE a lot. I do use it quite often mostly for running as for cycling I rely on CS600 which integrates with power meter. Great watch.

Suzette said...

hello..i ordered the PTE version of this watch a few days ago (still waiting for the delivery)from the same company you ordered from. when i checked the invoice it said POLAR RS800CXB Tour that the same as the PTE version?
just curious...

kxux said...

Suzette, yes that is the same text I have on my receipt from them. I hope you will enjoy the watch as much as I do.