May 1, 2010

Well that did not last long

Plans are great, but life events can change them quickly. I was planning to do a duathlon race that is to start in about 45 minutes - well I'll not be racing today. Poor Ian has been throwing up the whole night so I decided to stay home with him and Dasa. Change of plans seems to be the theme of this racing season. There is a positive in this though - my ankle has been healing, but I'm not 100% sure what is with it. On Monday I should hear results of MRI that I had last night. So if anything is torn I will be in better not racing on it ... always finding positives in life's happenings. I hope your weekend is shaping up better than ours. I really hope this stomach bug will be gone soon and Ian will be back in biking shape soon.


MadeUpName said...

Sorry to hear that Jan, both in terms of Ian hurling and your ankle still not being right - very frustrating - you know and I know though that there is no real future in racing injured ;) - Heal soon I hope

kxux said...

Thanks MUN. I'll report here next week how the ankle looks like. Ian will get over it, but it will take some time - apparently he has strep and some stomach bug - double whammy.