March 23, 2011

Few more details on RCX5 revealed

Yesterday Polar posted few pictured of RCX5 on their US Facebook page (one enclosed below - thank to Polar). The unit has great design pretty much in line with the CS500 cycling computer. It looks very clean and with oversize display it looks like a great improvement.


Today Polar posted press release highlighting the key features of the RCX5 unit:

  • New Zone Optimizer feature to help fine tune the training to current level of stress/recovery status
  • Hybrid HR belt allowing to capture HR data in water (also should work with
  • Sport specific parameters and personal settings - I assume this will be HR zones, sensor selection per sport
  • One button switch between the sport profiles
  • Smaller GPS sensor (G5) with re-chargable battery - via mini USB
  • Improved S3+ sensor - new cradle to hold on the shoe laces, improved accuracy
  • Compatibility with existing WIND sensors (though no word on power capture)
  • Planned upgrades to the site including training load (is this TSS?) and support for personal training programs

Few things I hope to answer once I get my hands on this unit (which I hope will be in week or so):

  • Integration with 3rd party training sites and software like or FirstBeat Athlete
  • How easy / difficult it is to move from PPT5 to Polar site - what we gain/lose with this transition
  • Support for legacy sensors - e.g. older S3, G3 and cycling sensors
  • Ease of transition between sports - should not be a problem with weekly brick sessions or multiple brick sessions
  • Do we still have the strong planning functions we used to have in PPT5
  • How does the S3/S3+ work with G5
  • Any new features the watch offers we have not seen in RS800cx
  • Accuracy of G5 in real life training conditions - woods, tall buildings, etc.
  • Real life test of HR during swimming - well back to looking geeky in the pool
  • Data transfer with the new Polar Link technogy
  • Using PC and Mac with the unit

If you have additional questions let me know and I'll make sure to test them out. Well assuming I have access to all the pieces required. If you send me question like this: How easy is it to mount the unit on Vision tri-bars I'll have hard time answering that unless you send me your tri bars as well ;-).


Morten Liebach said...

Is the Polar website a data tank?

By data tank I mean something where I can put data but not get it back except as pretty pictures on the screen. Like (which I find intolerable for that reason).

Can I get my raw data out as .HRM files or something, or—even better—get it from a local disk cache, so I can write my own software to do interesting stuff with it?

And will it work just as well with a Mac as a PC? (If not, I don't care at all.)

Thank you.

qBot said...

Is it compatible with the Polar Power Output sensor for cycling?

Brad said...

Does this unit have a barometric altimeter?

J. said...

I like having the four lines of data available, plus having the wireless download of data like my Garmin 405CX, but I'm definitely concerned about being able to upload training programs. I've been relying on my RS800CX to see me through two upcoming half marathons and need the training programs to discipline myself when it comes to sticking with the training program, otherwise I'll end up injuring myself yet again...

Since I like to run and swim, I'm wondering how that Wearlink is going to work underwater? (The lifespan of my Wearlinks has steadily decreased with each washing due to corrosion of the contacts...)

J. said...

Jan, would also be interested in finding out if it works with the old T-31c Coded HR Belt. I know that transmits on the old 5khz frequency which I'm guess is what the dual transmitter belt will use in addition to W.I.N.D. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Interested to find out if it is compatible with the new Keo Power pedals. Altimeter would be nice as well.