March 26, 2011

What we know week after Polar RCX5 was announced

It has been about a week since we learned that Polar will be introducing RCX5 between May and September of 2011. Here is summary of what we already know from the correspondence with Polar, public announcements and responses to people on social networks and discussion boards. I'm hoping to get my hands on one as soon as Polar has one for me and give it a good review. Until then I'll post any news I learn on this space or my twitter account @musiljan.

  • The watch resembles the CS500 computer unit - very similar look of the face, oversize display with 4 lines of data.
  • The unit will be shipped first in black color (May-July depending on market) and then in red in September.
  • It will be compatible with existing WIND sensors with exception of power sensors.
  • It will allow fast switching between different sport profiles with just one button.
  • Unit has hybrid HR belt that will allow capture of HR during swim and also will work with Polar enabled exercise units
  • The unit will gauge your current state from your HR prior to exercise and adjust the HR zones accordingly - Polar calls this Zone Optimizer and it looks like a next generation of their Tests that are in RS800cx and other models. Only here it is not a test and it seems to be done automatically before starting workout.
  • The unit will be compatible with Windows and Mac.
  • The data transfer will no longer be IR, but the new Wind Link low power data transfer - I'll post how this looks like since I had one for about a year now.
  • The data transfer will be possible to site that will be updated to offer similar experience as PPT5 (including planning workouts and such).
  • With introduction of RCX5 Polar also introduce improved S3+ stride sensor with hard cradle that guarantees better accuracy and much smaller version of GPS sensor G5 that will be powered with rechargeable battery (charged through mini USB port).
  • The packages Polar will offer are similar to ones for RS800cx - basic unit (with HR belt, Wind Link), Run (same as basic + new S3+ sensor), Multi (same as basic with G5 sensor and pouch), Bike (basic plus bike speed WIND sensor).
  • Some Polar distributors are already taking pre-orders - I placed mine yesterday.
  • Polar indicated they will continue to sell RS800cx models even after introduction of RCX5 (heard on Slowtwitch). It looks as if this is additional unit in their line up not necessarily replacement of RS800cx line.

If you missed it Polar DK posted great overview video in addition to the Polar official tease video posted on their Facebook page and corporate site.

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