October 6, 2008

Selling off few items - T6c, Polar Power and Suunto Bike Pod

I used the past weekend to review newly forming stack of boxes with heart rate monitors, power sensors and speed sensors and decided to sell off few items that I no longer use. In case you wanted to check out the eBay auctions click on the picture below:

Polar Power

Suunto T6c

Suunto Universal Bike Pod


Miguel said...

Jan, I'd like to bid on the T6C but I live in Madrid, Spain. Can you ship to Madrid?

Miguel said...

Forgot: I'm miguelmarcos at gmail.com

mojakobsen said...

Hi Jan,
I'm considering to bid on the T6c. I previously had a Garmin 305 but had a lot of problems with the HR freaking out - I got it replaced four times before I finally gave up and decided to by a Polar HR monitor - that was until I saw your description of the Suunto T6c and Firstbeat software which changed my mind. The question is - how do you rate the T6c HR compared to a Garmin HR?

Thanks in advance,

kxux said...

Hello Mogens,

thank you for expressing your interest in the T6c. This year I had a brief experience (few months) with Garmin Forerunner 405 and although I liked the watch at first it was not long lived relationship. I was disappointed by few things - one of them was the HR belt and inability to get R-R recordings in the watch.

Since then I made one decision and that is the only HRMs I trust with regards to HRM is Polar and Suunto. The T6c gets you good HR results and I only had issues with it at the beginning before I figured out which part of the belt to moisten before the exercise. Since then no bad readings, no spikes during any of my training sessions. It was quite hard for me to put this one for sale, but I really do not need 5 HRMs. Still have Polar RS800CX, CS600, S625X, S210 and Suunto T6 on my desk and have hard time deciding which one to let go.

Good luck bidding and let me know if you have any more questions.