September 2, 2008

Breakthrough week

Past week was my longest this season mainly because I decided at the last moment that it may be a good idea to complete two HIM races in September and secondly because I'm in third week of training for my first marathon. So most of my training at this point are long rides, long bricks or long runs. The weekend was pretty brutal - 3:20 brick on Saturday followed by 3:00 run on Sunday and complemented by recovery 20 minutes swim (that was actually the easy part). I also started working with personal trainers to get better. I'm already seeing pretty significant improvement in my swim technique - after only one session. My trainer Erica looked at my swim and suggested few small changes I can implement for the upcoming race. Actually the small changes helped me understand how 'feeling the water' should really feel. We will see if the changes make me faster during the race this weekend, but I can honestly say that they make my swimming more enjoyable and I can feel that I do not spend as much energy swimming as I used to. It is still long way to go to get the new habits engrained, but I'm really excited about this progress.

Think of me next Saturday at 7a.m. ET when the EnduraSports Quakerman Half Iron distance race starts. I'll be at the staring line trying to beat my last year's time. And then again on September 28th when I line-up at the JerseyMan Half Ironman distance race in Clinton NJ. I hope next Saturday will not be as hot as last year, but in any case I have plenty of salt tablets ready. Good luck everybody racing next weekend.


simmonmt said...

What sorts of things did she have you change in your swim?

kxux said...

Three things - head position while breathing, kick and hand position during the pull.

I would not know about them - but seeing it on video helped me understand what I do wrong.