September 16, 2008

JerseyMan Half Ironman course profile

This past Saturday I did another pre-ride of the JerseyMan Half Ironman distance race course. This time I did not get lost, did not climb four additional hills and kept pretty well within the power levels to keep the ride fast enough, but not race it. The ride was after a night of raining and the weather was quite humid, but very nice especially the part around the river.

The bike course profile is below and as you can see it is full of rolling hills, false flats especially in the front and back end of the course. The profile is starting in the parking lot about 2 miles up from the start, goes through the whole course (that is the long part to the first dot) and the rest of the profile shows the descend to the park, me riding down to the water, out to the run exit (at least for the event that they were marking for this weekend) and then climb back to the parking lot. It will be fun to ride this course. I'm looking forward to next week Sunday.

JerseyMan HIM bike profile.jpg

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