September 29, 2008

Polar RS800CX is available in stores now

This morning I got a call from the HRM dealer that the RS800cx is in stock and that I can either pick it up or have it delivered. Since I live only 30 minutes away from their offices I hopped in the car and picked-up the HRM during the lunch break. I was unable to do any test run, biking or any other exercise. I'm banged-up pretty well from Sunday's race so you will need to wait few more days for more news about how the RS800CX performs during the training. My ankle needs to heel first and I want to give the staples another day before I put any stress on them. Until then enjoy few pictured from unpacking the RS800CX:

Polar RS800CX box

RS800CX - fairly minimalistic design

All the other stuff neatly hidden under the watch

All this is in the RS800CX RUN package

Polar G3 GPS sensor

I find it pleasant surprise that Polar now includes the IR USB stick in the package as well as the extension strap. I paired the watch with the G3 sensor without any issues and also paired the watch with my existing WIND HR belt I use with the CS600. I had no issues in pairing and I successfully performed the Optimization and Fitness test. That is as far as I got today. Post any questions in comments, when I'm able to exercise I'll test things out little more and post more detailed report.


han.chen said...
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han.chen said...

Hi, I am happy for you to have the new RS800CX, I am also a polar fan and own RS800sd, I also plan to buy a new RS800CX multi since I already have S3 with my RS800, I just wonder that if I use the G3 and S3 at the same time, can the G3 show the GPS distance in the tracking map so that I can use this GPS distance to calibrate the S3 manually ?

kxux said...

According to the manual when you use S3 and G3 together the S3 is used for pace and G3 for tracking. But there is no calibration of S3 with G3 described in the manual. The calibration of S3 is still the same - manual or by running pre-determined distance. Unlike Garmin 405 this watch does not seem to support GPS based calibration of foot pod.

Chris@Polar USA said...

The RS800cx is a great product. You will love it! Feel free to call, chat or e-mail us if you have any questions or just want to share your success story!

kxux said...

Thanks Chris. I wish I could already start using it, but few more days I'll be licking my wounds. Then will start on the bike trainer and walking. So I'll be able to try the GPS positioning capture.