September 24, 2008

RS800CX mapping functionality in PPT5 shown on Polar support pages

Earlier this week Polar added few articles, FAQs and How To topics to the support pages for the RS800CX. One of the more interesting ones shows the post exercise capability to map the run in the software. Although not specifically discussed on the product pages there is integration with GoogleEarth and support for export of the coordinates in GPX format. One interesting feature is that Polar color codes the track to indicate in which HR zone you were at any particular point during the exercise (this color code should be also available in the GoogleEarth). Another feature is to show the lap times and markers in the PPT5 map and GoogleEarth. I hope they include the key data about the lap. Overall this sounds like a good addition to the plain mapping capabilities most other GPS solutions offer. But I still consider it more of a gimmick to satisfy the Garmin fans. We will see how practical this really is. Note that the tracking is only available when using RS800CX with the G3 sensor.

Over this and next week I will bring additional news and information as I find them or other users report them. I hope to have live report about use of the RS800CX next week. The dealer confirmed earlier this week that they expect to have the monitors in stock on October 1st. Since they are only about 30-40 minutes from my house I'll go pick it up as soon as they get them.


TriExpert said...

Jan, don't underestimate the value of grasping *at a glance* (without having to abstract it from a spreadsheet) something like:

"See how you're overworking the uphills, and how your effort plummets on the subsequent downhills so that you may recover?"

Color coded training zones layered above topography is way cool!

Thanks for your ongoing work. You provide a great resource for all endurance athletes.

And as I've said before, I can't wait for you to broaden your focus to include cycling power meters!

kxux said...

Good point - we will see how well this will be implemented. The support article shows how the tracking looks in PPT5, but I'd like to see it in GoogleEarth. In any case I'm getting the G3 along with the watch.