March 23, 2010

Going against the fad

Over the past few days I had done little research and consulted with few people about my ankle issues. There seems to be two issues at play - one is that I'm supinator (pretty serious one - if you check my older shoes you can see that I wear the outside only, saving the other half for later). Second issue is that I have been running in very minimal shoes for the past 2 years and it seems to have irritated a bone right under my ankle. Nothing structural, but painful nonetheless. So going forward I'm moving from minimal shoes to more significant trainers with more cushioning - at least for training or until the ankle pain gets under control. Yesterday I bought new pair of Saucony running shoes - still neutral shoe, but more cushioned trainer and fitted them with new Powerstep insert. We will see if that helps a bit - from the short run I did in them (and other three different shoes) the more cushioned shoes seem like something I need now. So let's hope things stabilize enough over the next few days so I can resume proper training. Until then I'll keep enjoying my new bike and swimming.

While everyone seems to be talking about minimal shoes I'll be going my own way and move to more significant shoe for at least next few weeks ;-).

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TRI-james said...

I would say that about 90% of the people I know that have tried bare foot running get hurt.

I am a fore foot runner and I am sticking to my cushioned training shoes.