March 29, 2010

Slow return to running

My return from the log run fail from few weeks back has been somewhat slow. But I think I'm on the way back. Last week I did whole 1 hour on track - long run on the track is only little less boring than long run on treadmill. But I was happy to have completed it. The bad part was that the ankle felt sad after the run. So I narrowed it down to the Newtons and my significant supination. On Monday after the long run I went to local running store that sponsors our club to get fitted for more significant shoes for training. I ended-up getting Saucony ProGrid Ride 2 that are neutral shoes. I added Powerstep inserts to make up for my high arches. Now I have run two times withe them and did not have any significant issues with the ankle. Things seem to be coming back. On Friday I did 20 minutes test run outside which felt good and today I did 1 hour on treadmill - still sticking to softer surfaces. Things are definitely looking up considering I did a long bike ride yesterday and did not have any ankle issues. The season opener Duathlon is in two weeks and I hope to be back to normal by then and hopefully will restore some of the fitness I lost by not running as much.

Thank you everyone for well wishes and notes of encouragement. Things are definitely looking much better than few weeks ago.


MadeUpName said...

Good luck Jan...... the wrong trainers can really kill your feet!! - Let's hope you have that ankle mending now.

Anonymous said...

keep up the come back!!