March 3, 2010

Rasmus Henning: Great athlete

In all the noise in Kona about Crowie beating Lieto by only few minutes there was one competitor that we did not hear much about although it was his first Kona and he did it while injured. Pretty amazing what Rasmus showed on the big island. I was already amazed with his performance when I saw NBC special about Ironman China where he won despite it being his first iron distance race and despite the grueling conditions. It looks like more ITU guys are making the transition to Ironman racing. We will see if that translates into faster times in Kona and other Ironman races. I definitely recommend watching the embedded video from Ironman that was recorded before Kona race last year.

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Morten Liebach said...

Actually Rasmus did a local Danish Ironman years ago as a long training day early in his short course career. So ha wasn't a complete newcomer.

I still hope he'll be the first Danish winner of Ironman Hawaii, now that we don't have Thorbjørn Sindballe competing anymore. :-)