May 14, 2008

B-Fit B-Day coming-up


This year I decided to celebrate my birthday in style - tri-style that is. I have come across the B-Fit B-Day site that suggests to celebrate the birthday by doing a modified self-supported triathlon. The rules are fairly simple - you take your age and swim number of miles in the first digit, then bike the whole age in miles and run the last digit again in miles. I'll be 36 this May so it translates to 3mi swimming, 36mi on the bike and 6mi run.

I set the big day for next week Friday. I'll start with swim at the local pool. Not sure how long it takes so I allocated 3 hours to complete. Then plan to do 36mi bike session in the evening and next morning I'll run to the 5k race, run the race and run back which should total more than 6 miles. If I feel well in the evening I may finish the 6 miles in the evening and then run only the race the next morning. We shall see how I feel.

If you want to celebrate your birthday in style click on the B-Fit B-Day logo, sign-up a go for it.


SLB said...

Happy belated birthday, I'll be 41 this year...4 miles swimming, hmm maybe if I start now I'll finish before I am 42!

kxux said...

Hi Stuart,

thanks for the note. I just read on the site that they will have running challenge - easy just run your age in miles :-). You can combine it with one of your ultras.