May 21, 2008

Hornet Juice test

hornetjuice.jpgAs part of the B-Fit B-Day challenge I received few packets of Hornet Juice. I have heard on few podcasts that it works very well so I tested the first batch of it this morning. The plan was to workout for about an hour on the bike with long warm-up and about 30 minutes of hill climbing at 65-75rpm. Mixed the juice with water and drank it few minutes before getting on the bike. The taste was not the best one, but also not the worst from all the supplements I tried so far. Some people may call it acquired taste. What I mean is that I can get used to it. The I hopped on the bike and although I was not sleeping much tonight I got very good workout and feel great. I was expecting to be little tired, but not so. I guess the juice works. I'll give it another try on Friday when I do the gold challenge. I can't wait to get in the pool and get the 3 miles in. It will be a good departure from the structured program I have been following for the past 14+ weeks.

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