May 5, 2008

New bike rider in the family

Ian started riding his new bike about a week ago. I was so proud of him when we went for a walk last week for the first time and he was biking almost the whole way (about 3/4 of a mile). This weekend we all went much longer walk (2 miles) and Ian took his bike along. We was cruising around us and was not afraid to ride down hill (well I had to hold him otherwise he would have had a bad accident). Dasa took few pictures during the walk that you can review below. He is very cute on the bike. It is not just any bike - it is fairly light and has a disc wheels that are quite aerodynamic. I got a huge kick out of him towards the end of the walk when he was leaning on his handle bars and said that he is riding just like me - he had pretty good aero position for a little kid :-).

New biker in our family.
Early into the walk

Finally moving down the hill.
Look behind me at the slope of the hill we were riding.

Zooming by...
Zooming by the photographer downhill. I was barely keeping-up with him.


Ted said...

Oh man.. by looking at the picture, I sensed that he will be the next Evel Knevevel (sp?). Adorable kid you have!

SLB said...

Awesome pics, these are the treasured photos that are so hard to catch.