May 25, 2008

B-fit B-day recap

Yeah I did it. I took the half day off work on Friday and started my vacation in the pool. The swim was fairly long, but quite enjoyable as the pool was almost empty during the whole time. I did 300 yd repeats and did total of 5500 yards (little over 5km). Then I went to BN and got myself a good cup of latte with scone. I regained my composure over the tri and running books. After the swim I went back home and spent some time with my son until Dasa came back home. Then I laced-up ad went for a run to the town to pickup the race packets for Dasa and I for the 5k race for the next morning. I took the long route for the total of 6 miles. When I got home Ian was about to go sleep so I helped bathe him and put him to bed. Then after a short break and some power bars I mixed up my drinks and headed down to the basement to my bike trainer. I did 36 miles in easy pace and finished the day just before midnight. It was a lot of fun and I really enjoyed the whole day. I'm pretty sure I'll do this again next year.

As I went through the day I captured my thoughts and feelings on the B-fit B-day page. Here are the excerpts:

Starting in about 15 minutes
Will be heading down to the pool in about 15 minutes. I'll take pictures as I go. Should be done by tomorrow morning after I finish the 5k road race in my town. Updates on Twitter - pity I can not link it here.

Swim complete 2:18:02
I was lucky, the pool was almost empty. During the peak hours there were 3 swimmers. Very cool. I swam at very easy pace to enjoy the afternoon and finished the swim in 2:18:02. I go out fr a run soon - it is still very nice and I need to pickup a race packet for tomorrow so I'll just run down there pick it up and run back. Should be just about 6 miles. And I'll be biking later in the evening. 36 miles on the bike sounds like nothing compared to the 3 mi swim... First time I swam this far. I did 300yd sets with 1-2 min rest intervals. I recorded video that I'll post later if it is any good - still need to look at it :-).

Oh I actually swam 5500 yd just to be on the safe side :-). The total time for the 5500yd was 2:22:04.

6mi run done in 53:16:07
I took some time after the pool swim to eat something and have about an hour with my son before I laced-up and went out to pick-up my race packet for the 5k run tomorrow morning. It was so nice outside that I decided to take the long route and put in the whole 6 miles. I did not rush things and just cruised easy to the town and back. I wonder how I'll do on my run tomorrow. I'll definitely report that here.

The activity is recorded on Garmin Connect

I ran with the Garmin 405 including the foot pod that monitors my cadence. Now my son is in bed and I'll be heading downstairs to my dungeon to finish this challenge and the 36 miles on the bike. I have plenty of podcasts, books and one movie so it should be enjoyable experience. Need to get to bed before midnight to get at least 7 hours of sleep before the race tomorrow morning. Good thing it is in our town about 2 miles away from my house.

Finished bike 36mi just before midnight
Do I get extra points for finishing the gold challenge in less than 12 hours? Just kidding. That was actually a goal that kind of evolved during the day. The big unknown was the swim and once I had it behind me and regained the balance (I was like off balance for an hour or so from being in horizontal position for so long). Anyways the bike is done I'll now go get some food to refuel and tomorrow I guess I'll take the race easier than usual. The bike time was 2:11:13.

Summary of results
Swim (3mi) 2:18:02
Run (6mi) 53:16
Bike (36mi) 2:11:13
Total 5:22:31

Stared at 12:30pm ET finished by 11:55pm ET the same day. OK time for bed.

After all the swimming, running and biking I ran the 5k road race in Coopersburg. I did not expect anything exceptional in terms of time. In fact this was the very first race I started with legs that were more than dead. In spite of that I was able to run good 2 miles before I got double stitch and had to walk for about 100 meters. Then I resumed runing, re-passed most people that passed me during the walk break and finished totally exhausted in 21:42 (Garmin watch time). It was an interesting experience and I learned something new about pacing when tired. The next 2 days are very easy recovery days. And I do not plan any hard activities until at least Tuesday.


SLB said...

Hardcore!!! Congratulations for getting it done in <12:00.

Looks like a great swim stroke...sshhh don't tell anyone I just got Friel's Cyclist & Tri Bibles ;-)

kxux said...

Wow I should look out then. With your approach you will be soon doing the ultra triathlons. Double or triple IRONMAN. By the way the Triathlete Bible is very good read, but I found it difficult as a starting point book. I found Friel's Total HR Training book easier to digest. Then the Tri Bible started to make sense a little more. I still go back to re-read some sections as some things may need second or third read to sink in.